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Maca  - Coca tea -Yacon - Lucuma - Inka Tea  -Muna - Sacha Inchi - Graviola - Copaiba - Exotics drinks - Alpaca rug - Baby Alpaca Yarn - Camu Camu – Noni

Your marketplace for the most fascinating and amazing herbs and plants of Peru. We have researched, traveled, and met with enlightened healers in pursuit of bringing you some of the world’s most healing and restorative natural treatments and supplements.  In this journey, we have discovered a treasure trove of highly nutritional foods, herbs, and plants: prebiotics, diet aids for weight loss, aphrodisiacs, digestive aids, anesthetics, and more.  Our products are 100% natural and we strive to offer as many certified organic products as are available.  We thank you for visiting our website and welcome you in your journey to not just live, but to truly thrive.

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